Republican River Basin: New metering rules now in effect

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From The Yuma Pioneer: “It is a new world for owners of high-capacity wells in the Colorado Republican River Basin. Measurement Rules from the Colorado Division of Water Resources went into effect January 1. The first big deadline is Sunday, March 1, when all high-capacity wells within the basin, which includes all of Yuma County, must be equipped with some kind of method measuring the amount of water used by the well. Well owners are either equipping their wells with a totalizing flow meter, or with an alternate method of measurement (such as the power conversion coefficient) that is granted a variance. The only other alternative is to have wells declared inactive. All irrigated farmers, basically, have to have a measurement device with their wells. Wells that are permitted for small-capacity type uses (50 gallons per minute or less, domestic-type uses, livestock uses) are exempt…

“State Engineer Dick Wolfe said last summer that the Measurement Rules were necessary to help the state get a handle on the total amount of ground water being diverted, to help the state comply with the Republican River Compact. There has been talk the Measurement Rules are the first step toward the state limiting appropriations. Keeler acknowledged that other parties have held meetings regarding conservation and extending the life of the Ogallala Aquifer. However, ‘the Division of Water Resources has not taken a stance on limiting the amount of water, beyond the limit imposed one each well by its final permit.'”

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