Timnath: Competing stormwater projects

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Here’s a report about competing stormwater projects near Timnath, from Cherry Sokoloski writing for the North Forty News. From the article:

As part of the deal reached between the two communities in early February, Fort Collins will contribute up to $2 million toward a Timnath project that will remove the town from the Boxelder Creek floodplain. But, in a matter of 10 years or less, the Timnath project will no longer be needed. That’s because a larger, regional project, directed by the Boxelder Basin Stormwater Authority, will also take Timnath out of the Boxelder floodplain. The projected cost of the regional, three-phase project is $10.5 million. Estimated cost for Timnath’s local project is $4 million to $6 million, money that would not have to be spent if the town decided to participate in the regional project…

[Timnath Town Manager Becky Davidson] said the Timnath Town Council has directed her to move quickly on the floodplain issue. “We can’t keep pushing it back,” she said. The town’s sense of urgency, she pointed out, stems from public safety concerns, since a Boxelder Creek flood event would impact much of Timnath. Working together with Fort Collins is a positive development, she added.

[Rex Burns a county engineer] said that if the Boxelder Authority had Fort Collins’ $2 million, plus another $2 million from Timnath, the second phase of the regional project could be completely funded, with no bonding required, and could “move forward much more speedily.” Phase two, involving construction of a new Edson Reservoir southeast of Wellington, would completely remove Timnath from the floodplain, he stated…

If Timnath were interested in joining the Boxelder Authority, the town’s contribution to the regional effort would have to be negotiated, Burns said. It’s possible, he added, that the town could end up paying less by participating in the larger project. The Boxelder Authority was formed last year to build the necessary stormwater facilities for the larger project. Participants include Larimer County, Wellington and Fort Collins, all of which will pay annual fees to the authority to fund the project. About 5,000 acres will be removed from the Boxelder floodplain as a result of the regional project. Besides Edson Reservoir, plans include an enlarged Clark Reservoir north of Wellington and channel improvements on the east side of I-25 near East Mulberry Street.

The Boxelder basin extends from southern Wyoming to south of Timnath.

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