Dolores Water Conservancy: 16th annual Children’s Water and Agriculture Festival

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Here’s a recap of the 16th annual Children’s Water and Agriculture Festival, from Kristen Plank writing for the Cortez Journal. From the article:

The “water and agriculture” theme swept in students from elementary schools ranging from Blanding, Utah, to Dove Creek for the annual event, organized by the Dolores Water Conservancy District…

Students scampered from one hands-on station to the next with their teachers in tow. Pam Coppinger’s fifth-grade Mancos Elementary School class were eager to share their newfound water knowledge. “We’re learning about how much water we use and where we get water from,” said Jessica Gutierrez, 11. The big topics didn’t deter any of the students. Classmate Anna Cox, also 11, said she learned how water rights work in the area…

Presenter Gabi Morey with the San Juan Mountains Association took a different approach to water education by having the students in her group become water molecules. Each student took a journey through the water cycle. “It’s called ‘The Incredible Journey’ and it offers a different perspective for the students,” Morey said as students bounced from one portion of the room to the other. “People think of the water cycle as cyclical but it’s not.” She said molecules can get stuck in glaciers for thousands of years and stay there instead of moving on to another phase in the cycle.

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