Pagosa whitewater park update

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Here’s an update on work in the Pagosa Springs whitewater park, from Jim McQuiggin writing for the Pagosa Sun. From the article:

With approval letters from the Army Corps of Engineers and Colorado Division of Wildlife received by Pagosa Springs staff on Wednesday, Riverbend Engineering started work first thing Thursday on Phase I of the river restoration project.

Aside from the removal of Davey’s Wave, Phase I of the project calls for the installation of an upstream cross vane structure as well as a new whitewater feature to be installed in front of the Visitor’s Center. The new structure will have a net drop in water surface of two feet, while the cross vane structure, just upstream from the current location of Davey’s Wave, will have a net drop of 1 foot. Phase I will also include habitat structures installed neat the Sixth Street bend, complying with Colorado Division of Wildlife mandates for the “Fishing is Fun” project. “Work on the whitewater structures are our first priority,” Phillips said, “But as work on those structures slows down, we’ll start moving manpower and equipment for the installation of those structures, probably by early next week.”

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