Pueblo: City council approves Fountain Creek IGA

A picture named fountaincreek.jpg

From the Pueblo Chieftain (Chris Woodka): “Pueblo City Council voted unanimously Monday to join an agreement that will allow Pueblo and El Paso counties and cities to work jointly on improving Fountain Creek.”

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One thought on “Pueblo: City council approves Fountain Creek IGA

  1. Thumbnails vote:

    I think a readers vote could be in order for a runoff between fountaincreek.jpg and fountaincreekarkansasconvergence.jpg.
    I prefer the convergence, since it readily depicts the sediment (sludge) load of Fountain Creek. I’ve never been able to figure out why Colorado Springs prefers pulling water out of the Reservoir, vice a downstream Pueblo diversion.
    The fountaincreek thumbnail must be upstream of the mouth depicting sloughing, making for the perfect place for a park. The saturated soils being hit by the ever fluctuating water level from urban runoff. One can’t believe that this is the same stream flowing by Manitou Springs.
    Pueblo and Colorado Springs should get equal time.

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