Reclamation recommends continued monitoring of Lake Pueblo for invasive mussels

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Reclamation is recommending continues monitoring of Lake Pueblo for invasive mussels. No adults have been found so far only the veligers. Here’s a report from Chris Woodka Writing for the Pueblo Chieftain. From the article:

The report was commissioned by the Bureau of Reclamation, which operates the lake as part of the Fryingpan-Arkansas Project. Dead adult zebra mussels were found in the lake in late 2007, and veligers (the larval stage) were found in January 2008.

Since then, more veligers have been found in the lake and downstream, and quagga mussel veligers have been found as well. No live veligers have been found, since testing protocols to date have called for using alcohol to preserve specimens.

Renata Claudi of RNT visited Lake Pueblo last year and concluded that while historic levels of minerals like calcium in the lake favor outbreaks of mussel populations, the fluctuations of water, pH levels and dissolved oxygen were highly unfavorable. But she cautioned that the examination was only cursory. “Based on the limited data analyzed, this effort by no means replaces a full-scale assessment of environmental suitability,” the RNT report stated.

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