Redcliffe supply upgrades included in federal omnibus bill

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From the Vail Daily: “Red Cliff’s water worries became a little lighter Wednesday as President Obama signed into law the Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2009, which will grant the tiny mountain town $800,000 to make repairs to its water system. The money will go toward repairing the town’s collection system, Mayor Ramon Montoya said. The cost of an overhauled or new water system has been estimated at $4 million. But Eagle County Facilities Management Director Tom Johnson said this money will go a long way toward mending the water system’s problems. “The collection system has many, many years on it, and it’s got a lot of leaks. The water is causing the plant to work way harder than it has to,’ he said. ‘This money would fix all the bad stuff.'”

More Eagle River Watershed news from the Vail Daily: “The most tenured employee at the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District’s, which provides water to Colorado’s Vail Valley will retire this month, the district announced on Wednesday. Roy Vasquez is a 38-year veteran of the district and began working when Vail Water and Sanitation District was the local water authority and had only five employees.”

2 thoughts on “Redcliffe supply upgrades included in federal omnibus bill

  1. I have called Eagle Water Sanitation and talked to the Manager- Dave Cahill- he knows “nothing” about this possible development of anything happening with Redcliff- What department of Eagle River Water will be looking at doing this work?

    Please respond as to any information you can provide! Thanks

    1. Tracy,

      Thanks for commenting. The article mentions Red Cliff Mayor Ramon Montoya and Eagle County Facilities Management Director Tom Johnson — nothing about Eagle Valley Water and Sanitation. The Vail Daily reporter is Dustin Racioppi ( ). Hope this helps.

      Thanks for commenting.

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