Grand County towns chasing stimulus dough

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Some of the towns in Grand County are chasing money from the recently passed stimulus package, according to a report from Tonya Bina writing for the Sky-Hi Daily News. From the article:

The most likely reach of stimulus funds to rural Grand County could be needed water-system improvements. Prior to the passing of billions in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Colorado governments were invited to submit to the state for consideration various projects worthy of stimulus funding. Granby Town Manager Wally Baird was feeling encouraged this week that Granby had made a list of water projects through the Water Quality Control Commission of the Colorado Department of Health and Environment — albeit, they are low on the list…

The Act ended up providing about $62 million to the Water Quality Control Division, which establishes priorities for which projects get dollars.

The money applied through the stimulus could serve to supplement projects already on deck for improved drinking water and wastewater systems, according to Horan. The mostly likely candidate to receive help through stimulus funds is the Town of Hot Sulphur Springs, which has already been high on the state’s list seeking a $2 million loan for its crippled domestic water system. Fraser, Kremmling and Grand Lake are other towns that have been waiting for state loans. Fraser’s projects — listed as category 2 with category 1 being the highest priority — have been eligible for three years. Grand Lake is seeking a $2 million state loan for a new water treatment facility and distribution lines; Kremmling is seeking more than $7 million for a major overhaul of its water system. They are eligible behind Hot Sulphur and Fraser in category 3…

Grand Lake added to the scope of its water-system project with the onset of stimulus funds coming to Colorado. Such additions are placed at the bottom of the ladder in category 6. The Fraser Sanitation District, the Grand County Water and Sanitation District No. 1 and Granby also jumped on board.

Included in Granby’s stimulus wish list are water and sewer upgrades to distribution and collection lines in the south service area, improved well-head protection, and a replacement of storm drainage in the north service area. Encouraged by the state, the town of Granby also submitted a request for $1.2 million on behalf of Moraine Park to replace its water system.

The state water agency’s deadline to have the federal dollars committed is Sept. 30, according to Horan. “Colorado does not want any (of Colorado’s) federal dollars to be redistributed to other states,” she said.

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