Boulder Reservoir: Invasive mussel quarantine in effect until April 3rd

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Boulder Reservoir is closed to large watercraft (requiring a trailer) until April 3rd as part of the effort to combat the spread of invasive mussels, according to a report from Ryan Morgan writing for the Boulder Daily Camera. From the article:

Paul Bousquet, a spokesman for the Parks and Recreation Department, which manages the reservoir, said officials are taking steps to keep the critters out of their waters. Since last Friday, all large watercraft — defined as any boat that requires a trailer –have been banned from the reservoir for a quarantine period that will last until April 3. The quarantine is meant to give the boats plenty of time to dry off and for any mussels they’re harboring to die off, Bousquet said. During that three-week period, all boaters with permits to be at the reservoir will be asked to come in for an inspection and quarantine.

Smaller boats — like kayaks, canoes or wind-surfing boards — will be allowed on the water during the quarantine, but might be subject to inspection. Once the quarantine is over, all boats entering the reservoir, including small craft, will be required to buy permits. Large boats might be required to undergo decontamination using a new facility the reservoir might put up in the next few weeks using funds from a state bill meant to stop the mussels’ spread, Bousquet said. Smaller boats — like kayaks — will likely go through a quicker inspection, he said.

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