Lake Pueblo: Boat inspections ramping up

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From (Sean Hauser): “…[At] Pueblo Reservoir, efforts to contain the spread continue as the boating season approaches. Boaters can expect to find the same inspections in place at the reservoir, in fact State Park Rangers are stepping up their efforts, and some changes are on the way. “Were going to have a couple of new procedures for this upcoming boating season,” explained Doug Youngers, a Colorado State Park Ranger. “Last year we allowed Jetski’s to launch from our day use areas, we have since changed that policy and all personal water craft’s are required to go through our check stations…they will not be allowed to launch from the shoreline this summer,” he added.

“Younger says they are learning of more ways the mussels can be transported from lake to lake, and not only do Jetski’s now have to be inspected, if you plan on bringing live bait to the lake for fishing, it too will have to be checked. “If you bring live bait, you need a receipt that’s no older than 7 days from a Colorado bait dealer,” explained Younger. If you can’t provide a receipt, rangers will take your bait from your boat and de-contaminate it in a bucket of water from Lake Pueblo before you are able to use it. They will then drain your boat compartment and you will have to fill it with new water.”

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