Upper Ark: Expansion of satellite monitoring system on tap

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Update: I mistyped Mr. Sering’s name in the original as Rod. Of course it’s Ron. My bad.

The Upper Arkansas Water Conservancy District is set to expand their satellite monitoring of reservoirs this year, according to a report by Ron Sering writing for The Mountain Mail. From the article:

“We’re putting in 15 gages in reservoirs and stream gages in the upper district, all the way down to Lester Attebery Ditch right at the Pueblo County line,” district general manager Terry Scanga said. Data collection platforms will measure surface water conditions and in some cases, weather data. Information will be transmitted via satellite to district servers. “The data will be displayed on the Web site for anyone in the state,” Scanga said. The system is part of the National Weather Service Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite program.

North Fork Reservoir station, the first of the sites, has been functioning since August 2008…

The expanded program will begin with installation of the Lester Attebery station in Eastern Fremont County during May. July installations will include stations at Cottonwood Reservoir and Cottonwood Creek, with additional stations at Rainbow Lake and a second at North Fork. Additional stations are planned for installation during the fall.

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    I appreciate the coverage of my water-related articles here at Coyote Gulch and think it’s a terrific publication.

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