Eastern Colorado: Say hello to drought

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From CBS4Denver.com: “March is Denver’s snowiest month with about a foot of snow, but so far the city is under 2 inches. For the season, Denver has seen about 19 inches of snow. The average for this time of year is 40 inches. Next week the state might allow farmers to tap into the Platte River to fill irrigation canals. But if the state decides to conserve the water in the Platte River, farmers could have a terrible year. “This reminds me of 1954 when we had a severe drought,” farmer Bob Sakata from Brighton said…Sakata says farmers can withstand the drought for the moment if the state allows the irrigation canals to be filled as soon as possible. But that depends on the correct amount of snow from the mountains…It’s not just the lack of participation that is hurting the farmers. The heavy winds are wiping away the moisture and hurting the early season crops. The wind also clogs the clearing of irrigation canals with tumble weeds…Last month, Denver saw the least amount of snow ever in the month of February and it could end up as the driest March in Denver history.”

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