Bessemer Ditch update

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Here’s an update on the Pueblo Board of Water Works efforts to buy shares of the Bessemer Ditch, from Chris Woodka writing form the Pueblo Chieftain. From the article:

The board voted unanimously to enter an intergovernmental agreement with the St. Charles Mesa Water District that would commit both to voting for changes in bylaws and articles of incorporation in order to allow the water board to use shares outside the ditch boundaries. The water board will seek bylaw changes at a meeting of shareholders at 6 p.m. April 20 at the Pueblo Convention Center. Some shareholders are actively opposing the changes which have been suggested. In approving the IGA, the water board pledged to keep the water coming to those who want to stay in farming…

The St. Charles district owns nearly 2,000 shares of the 20,000 shares on Bessemer Ditch. The Pueblo water board is attempting to buy at least 5,000 shares, but has a plan to purchase up to 7,000 under the current offer. The agreement is written so that the water board’s obligations would be decreased if it were successful in purchasing fewer shares. The St. Charles district serves homes on the mesa east of Pueblo, and has been acquiring shares for many years. It has not actively purchased shares in recent years, but requires that shares of water be put into its portfolio when farm ground is converted into subdivisions. The St. Charles board approved the IGA on Feb. 26, and would receive protection for its wells, guarantees of improvements on the Bessemer Ditch and protection of flows at its intake on the Arkansas River under the agreement.

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