Sterling: Council acts on water issues

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The Sterling City Council dealt with water issues at this week’s meeting. Here’s a report from the Sterling Journal Advocate:

The city approved contracting a study that could benefit the water system and the wastewater plant. The council voted 6-0 to approve a contract with Brown and Caldwell for engineering services. The engineering services are to evaluate the capacity of the wastewater process. “This is a study that is actually related to our water treatment plant,” City Manager Joe Kiolbasa told the city council. The city of Sterling is under a Colorado Department of Health mandate to upgrade the city’s water system. The conflict is based on tests that found uranium and trihalomethane levels beyond the acceptable limits. As such, the city must come up with a process that removes these particles to within the acceptable level. The problem is what to do with the brine when the city’s water is properly cleaned, according to Kiolbasa. The engineering study approved Tuesday will outline options. The study of the wastewater capacity will determine how much the city’s system can handle and what the best options are. Kiolbasa said the health department offers four options: blending the brine into the effluent, surface processing where the brine slowly “percolates” back into the ground, pumping it directly back into the South Platte River, or processing it through the wastewater process…

The council also approved changes in water turnoff fees. The fees are in regard to customers who do not pay their bill on time.

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