Pueblo West: Wastewater pumpback project on tap

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Here’s an update on Pueblo West’s plans to pump effluent and release it into Lake Pueblo, from Mike Spence writing for the Pueblo West View. From the article:

The Pueblo West Metropolitan District board of directors March 10 approved by a 4-0 vote a resolution calling for $29,100 to pay Integra Engineering for a preliminary engineering report on the project…

The $7.8 million water enterprise project will pump fully treated wastewater effluent from the wastewater treatment plant to the golf course arroyo. From there, the water would travel into the North Marina arm of Pueblo Reservoir. By discharging the effluent into the arroyo, the district will receive approximately 95 percent credit for its non-native effluent compared to approximately 33 percent today. That equates into an extra six acre feet of water a day, said Stephen Harrison, director of Pueblo West’s Utilities. For comparison, Twin Lakes shares sell for $26,000 an acre foot. Based on that comparison, Harrison said the project should pay for itself in two years.

If approved, the project would install 35,600 feet of pipeline along an existing utility easement to transport the effluent. Harrison said he hopes to have the project’s design work done this year, and move forward the the project as soon possible. However, before that can be done, the metro district is required to submit the preliminary engineering report, along with a site application to the Colorado Department of Health. Once the CHD gives its approval, the metro district will go into the design phase of the project, as well as work to obtain a 1041 permit from Pueblo County. Harrison said there will be public hearings before a discharge permit is granted.

Currently, Pueblo West’s wastewater is released into Wildhorse Creek, where much of it is absorbed by the ground and the plants, with a net return of only three acre feet of usable water, compared to the nine acre feet that will come from the golf course arroyo.

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