Moffat County: Reclamation had their eyes on Lodore Canyon early in the 21st century

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Here’s another installment of Shannan Koucherik’s series on the history of water development in Moffat County running in the Craig Daily Press. From the article:

Ladore Canyon, with its steep rock walls seemed like a perfect place to capture the water running down from the Rockies. Properly placed, it also would help control the spring runoff and prevent flooding. The dreamers even caught the ear of President Theodore Roosevelt.

A hundred years ago, the Routt County Courier combined news with editorial input when it reported about a government project, which, had it been successful, would have changed the entire topography and economy of Northwest Colorado.

“The Reclamation Service outfit are still drilling and probing in Ladore canon. It seems to be a part of the business of men employed by the government to keep their faces closed, not to tell what little they do know, but the word has got out somehow that a favorable report has been made lately to headquarters that bedrock has been found, or at least ground upon which a safe foundation for a dam could be built.” (Routt County Courier, Dec. 24, 1908).

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