Rio Grande Compact Commission votes not to certify river accounting figures

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From the Valley Courier (Ruth Heide): “In an unusual turn of events during its annual meeting on Tuesday in El Paso, Texas, the Rio Grande Compact Commission voted not to certify the river compact accounting figures from the participating states of Colorado, New Mexico and Texas. ‘There was a little bit of an issue with the accounting for Elephant Butte Reservoir,’ said Colorado Division of Water Resources Acting Division Engineer for Division III Craig Cotten. He explained that some problems with the gauging station at Elephant Butte came to light only a week before the Rio Grande Compact meeting so they could not be worked out before the meeting. The engineer advisors for each state met in February to review compact accounting numbers but they did not know about the gauging station problem at that time. “Unfortunately in this case we just found out that there might be a discrepancy in the numbers just a week ago,” Cotten said. Therefore, the compact commissioners decided to wait until a separate compact meeting in June to finalize each state’s numbers. Cotten said all three states will check out the Elephant Butte gauging situation before that time.”

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