Irrigating the Surface Creek Valley

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Here’s an article about John Spurgeon’s new book Irrigating the Surface Creek Valley, from Bob Borchardt writing for the Delta County Independent. From the article:

With help from the Black Canyon Chapter of the Audubon Society, the Surface Creek Valley Historical Society and the Surface Creek Winery and Gallery, local author John Spurgeon is receiving much deserved recognition for his book “Irrigating the Surface Creek Valley.”
According to Spurgeon, every community “has its own water story, even if it has been forgotten with the passage of time.”[…]Spurgeon said the irrigation ditches fascinated him, and he wanted to know why, how, and for what purpose these ditches came to be. “What’s this buying and selling of water all about?” he asked. His research and inquiries led to his writing of this easy-to-read and extremely fascinating book.

I’ve emailed the Independent for information on purchasing the book.

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