Evergreen chasing stimulus dough

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From the Canyon Courier (Vicky Gits): “The Evergreen Metro District stands to gain a possible bonus from the federal government’s economic stimulus program. The Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority has notified the district that it qualifies for a possible zero percent interest rate on $2 million the district is borrowing to build a new roof on the water treatment plant in Evergreen…

“The project is competing with dozens of other project for $40 million in state money, so it is not a done deal. But officials are hopeful because work on the roof is ready to go forward. A zero-percent loan translates into savings of $40,000 a year, Gerry Schulte, executive director of the metro district, told a meeting of the district board on March 25. The federal stimulus package includes federal tax cuts, expansion of unemployment benefits, and domestic spending in education, health care and infrastructure, including the energy sector. The district may also qualify for a 50 percent reduction in the capital expense, or a grant of $1 million, to pay for the roof, which is 35 years old and deemed to be structurally unsound. The money comes from a total of $51.2 billion in federal money designated for investing in infrastructure, including $6 billion for wastewater and drinking-water infrastructure. The district began construction in March on installing a replacement tank in the Yellow Zone Tank and Pump Station off Evergreen Parkway south of the Evergreen North shopping center. The underground tank project is expected to cost $2.5 million and improve the delivery process.”

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