Kremmling: Water system repairs need funding

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Here’s an update on Kremmling’s project to upgrade and replace their water supply system, from Drew Munro writing for the Sky-Hi Daily News. From the article:

[Mayor Tom Clark and Town Manager Ted Soltis] said the state agency is scheduled to make a decision in mid-June. In the meantime, the town is spending about $130,000 on engineering and other expenses so that, if the money comes through, work can begin immediately. “Ideally, this year we’re going to do about 10,000 feet of line,” he said. Next year, the town would like to replace the remaining 10,000 feet of line. “Of course, both those projects are contingent on funding,” Soltis said.

Last year, the town replaced much of the main water transmission line from the treatment plant to town, plus about 300 feet of the worst distribution lines, which cut losses from about 67 percent of the town’s treated water to about 50 percent, Soltis said. Those projects were funded in part with a $478,500 DOLA grant.

Soltis told town board members on Monday that he is in the process of applying for $2 million in federal stimulus money to fund the project. That request, however, faces long odds. He noted that only about $32 million is available in Colorado for such projects, that Kremmling’s water line project is behind about $90 million worth of other requests, and that some $335 million in requests have been made in the state.

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