Colorado-Big Thompson project quota set at 80%

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From the Loveland Reporter Herald: “Eleven of the 12 [Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District Board] members voted for the 80 percent quota — a number recommended to the staff by agricultural users and about 10 percent higher than the amount recommended by several area cities. That means the cities, towns and other project participants can draw from the system 0.8 acre-feet of water for every share of Colorado-Big Thompson water they own.”

More coverage from the Northern Colorado Business Report: “At its meeting Friday, April 10, the Northern Water Board set the C-BT Project quota at 80 percent, a 20 percent increase from the initial quota of 60 percent set in October. The board reassesses the initial quota each April, based on updated data and information, including snowpack, water available in local storage, soil moisture conditions, runoff and estimated diversions, as well as the need to maintain C-BT Project storage reserves. The project’s reserves, as measured on April 1 of each year, have been below average every year since 2000. Although the reserves are recovering, they are again below average this year, but farmers are facing low soil moisture conditions and the Board hoped that the 80-percent quota would help.”

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