Southern Delivery System: Colorado Springs City Council approves Pueblo County permit requirements

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From the Colorado Springs Gazette (R. Scott Rappold): “The Council approved the conditions set by Pueblo County to build the $1.1 billion Southern Delivery System water pipeline from Pueblo Reservoir. Officials from both communities then shook hands and spoke of a new spirit of cooperation, where there was once litigation and mistrust, over water issues…

Council members said the conditions are things Colorado Springs should have done long ago. “We have to recognize we have a responsibility to take action, not only for Colorado Springs, but for all of our region, to protect this very valuable resource we have on Fountain Creek,” said Councilman Larry Small. Councilman Darryl Glenn said the regional approach should extend north as well as south, and he voted for approval because the conditions allow Colorado Springs to provide water to northern El Paso County water users. “We have to change the way we view water management. We need to manage water and the impacts of water on a regional basis, and I do believe this is a solid step forward,” Glenn said.

The dissenting vote came from Councilman Tom Gallagher, who said he believes water demand here will outpace the pipeline’s capacity in 20 years, and Colorado Springs will have to find more water…

What isn’t locked in is the route. Utilities officials will return to the council later this year to ask which route the pipeline should take ? though Pueblo has always been the preferred route, and it is $150 million cheaper than the Fremont County route. Colorado Springs officials have said they hope to start building the pipeline this year; the permit allows them up to three years.

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