Lamar: Council approves lift station design contract

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From the Lamar Ledger (Aaron Burnett): “The council approved an agreement with The Engineering Company (TEC) for the design of a new wastewater lift station. Total cost for the design is $177,500…Montgomery told the council that a new lift station would replace the current main lift station that is nearing the end of its useful life and is in dire need of replacement. He noted that the current lift station does not have any screening mechanism in place, so debris and solid objects damage the pump works as they pass through. The new lift station would be designed with a screening system that could catch large particulates and remove them from the system said the water resource manager. Montgomery added that because of the methods used to construct the current facility, it is deemed a “confined space” which limits on site expansion or replacement options. Funding for the design of the new lift station will likely come from the water and wastewater fund’s reserves. City Treasurer Linda Rohlman said there appears to be adequate funding for the project available.”

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  1. Good afternoon

    I am currently working on a wet well lighting project for the City of Cape Town Municipality.
    I am intending to compile an electrical specification for the wet well, to be applicable to all our wet wells.
    This is going to be first time we doing this specification, Would it be fair if i were to ask a copy of your wet well design spec; i just want some sort of guideline from people who have done this before.

    kind Regards
    Bonginkosi Malawu

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