Southern Delivery System: Pueblo West to file lawsuit over requirements to join Pueblo flow program

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From the Pueblo Chieftain (James Amos): “[Pueblo County] has told the Pueblo West Metropolitan District that it must participate in a program to provide recreation water in the Pueblo kayak course if it wants water from Colorado Springs’ Southern Delivery System pipeline. Under state law, Pueblo County can order some requirements on participants in the pipeline because the pipeline is planned to be built in the county. But the flow program comes from an agreement signed in 2004 by Pueblo, Pueblo Board of Water Works, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fountain and the Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District – but not Pueblo West…

“At the board meeting Tuesday night, Pueblo West board members and staff members repeated their belief that the flow program could cost Pueblo West as much as a third of its yearly water. Tom Mullans, the metro district’s attorney, said he’s spent too long helping to create Pueblo West’s portfolio of water rights to watch part of it literally wash down the river.”

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