Colorado-Big Thompson Project scores $14 million in stimulus dough

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Here’s the background on Reclamation’s plans for the $14 million in stimulus funds slated for the Colorado-Big Thompson Project, from Pamela Dickman writing for the Loveland Reporter-Herald. From the article:

The Bureau of Reclamation will hire a crew to scrape away and replace the coating of the pipes that carry water from the Colorado-Big Thompson Project to the Flatiron Power Plant. The entire cost of the project, $14 million, will be paid for with federal stimulus money…

The penstocks are large pipes that snake about one mile down Bald Mountain near Carter Lake. They bring water from the Colorado-Big Thompson project to the hydroelectric plant to generate power that is doled out through the Western Area Power Administration grid. This is the first time the coating will be replaced since the penstocks were built in 1962. The replacement coating is a new, upgraded product that should increase reliability and integrity, according to Lamb. Crews will scrape the old coating from the outside of the pipe, which drops 1,064 feet vertically, Lamb said. They also will go inside the pipes, which are 6 feet in diameter, to re-coat the inside.

Meanwhile, from email from Reclamation (Kara Lamb):

If Carter and Horsetooth are in your plans for Sunday, here is a quick update: The work on the Charles Hansen Feeder canal has completed. Currently, we are running about 150 cfs to Horsetooth. We will turn the pump to Carter off over the weekend. Once the pump goes off, expect another 300-or-so cfs to begin flowing to Horsetooth. Carter remains pretty full. Horsetooth is still at a water elevation of 5404, but will begin rising Monday.

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