Breckenridge hopes to tap Miners Creek for supply

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From the Summit Daily News (Bob Berwyn):

The town of Breckenridge has revived a decade-old plan to claim water rights on a historic ditch that diverts water from Miners Creek, near Frisco, to North Barton Creek, a small drainage near Peak 7. U.S. Forest Service rangers said Monday the agency will extend a comment period on the plan. The Forest Service is involved because Breckenridge needs to build a headgate and flume on national forest land to control the diversion. The Forest Service issued a scoping notice for the proposal in late March, with an Wednesday comment deadline. But Frisco officials and other residents in the area said they hadn’t received any formal word from the agency as late as Monday. As a result, District Ranger Jan Cutts said the Forest Service will release information on an extended comment deadline in the next few days.

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