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Say hello to Critterthink the weblog from the Center for Native Ecosystems. From email from Andrea West, Development Director:

Greetings from Center for Native Ecosystems, a non-profit conservation organization based in Denver, CO. We work to protect endangered species and their habitat throughout the Rocky Mountain region. I wanted to let you know about an exciting new blog series we recently launched to celebrate our 10th anniversary called “From Where I’m Standing: Perspectives on Conservation in the American West.” Thus far, we’ve recruited about 40 all-star guest bloggers to write on the question “What is the greatest conservation opportunity currently facing our region or our nation?”

We’ve had a great response thus far, recruiting folks from photographer John Fielder to CU Professor and author Patty Limerick to Golden, CO mayor Jacob Smith and State Representative Claire Levy. The series was picked up by Westword (a weekly Denver news magazine) in their “Best of Denver” edition as the “best tenth anniversary present to Denver.” We are honored to be recognized for our contribution to our hometown, and thrilled to be hosting the conversation on some of the most pressing issues facing our region. Check out the series at

We posted a new entry every day for the first thirty days, and the blog will now feature weekly guest entries interspersed with blogs written by our staff. We’ve recruited some exciting guest bloggers for the coming months, including Denver mayor John Hickenlooper and author Terry Tempest Williams.

Click through and give them a look.

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