Ginter Grove Domestic Water Corporation looking at $300,000 for repairs

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From the Delta County Independent:

In 1972 the Ginter Grove Subdivision was approved by Delta County, based upon the Town of Cedaredge’s approval of Resolution 9183-R, authorizing the town to furnish domestic water to the residents of the Ginter Grove Subdivision. The property owners were required to pay all costs of installation of the necessary infrastructure and to form a non-profit corporation (GGDWC) to administer water. The problem is that pipeline is now more than 30 years old. There have been several leaks discovered over the past several years. It has been determined the pipeline needs to be replaced, and the water delivery system upgraded, at an estimated cost of $300,000. Currently there are 31 lots, 29 paid taps and 27 taps in use. GGDWC owns the pipelines and other equipment necessary to deliver water to each user and, under the current agreement with the town, is responsible for the cost of maintenance and repair of the main pipeline, distribution lines and fire hydrants. The town owns the meter (master and individual) and is responsible for their maintenance.

According to the GGWDC “The 31 lot owners are not in a position to afford the cost of replacing the pipeline and the necessary upgrade to the water delivery system . . . without financial help in the form of grants and low interest loans.” And, according to the GGWDC, the most affordable of these types of loans are available only to local governmental organizations.

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