Roaring Fork River: CDOT flood control project

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From the Aspen Daily News:

Colorado Department of Transportation crews are expected to begin work late this week or early next week on the edge of the Roaring Fork River upstream from the Basalt bypass bridge at mile marker 23.5 on State Highway 82. The crews will be removing rock and sand from a natural corner of the river just upstream from the low-ceilinged bridge in order to make room for the river to pass under the bridge at high water. The project did not require a 404 permit — which regulates the discharge of dredged or fill material into water — from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers because of a bridge maintenance exemption and because the rock and sand will be trucked off site so there will be filling of wetlands, according to CDOT officials…

CDOT crews will not be working in the river itself, but instead will be working from the side of the river to remove a sand and rock bar that has formed on river, right upstream of the highway bridge. They plan to leave a portion of the sandbar — the edge closest to the middle of the river — as a berm that continues to guide the river around the corner and under the bridge. But at high water the remaining berm is expected to be breached, which will allow some of the river to flow under the river-right side of the bridge. “There will be no work done in the water,” Gaymon said, adding that the work is not expected to interfere with the river or irrigation ditches in the area. “All we are trying to do is get back to where the river at high water is able to flow at full capacity under the bridge.”

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