Changes to onsite wastewater regulations

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Morgan County is pushing the Northeast Colorado Board of Health for revision and clarification of the regulations for maintenance and repair of existing septic systems on parcels with existing wells. Here’s a report from the Sterling Journal Advocate. From the article:

A public hearing regarding proposed changes to onsite wastewater regulations was held during the Northeast Colorado Board of Health’s Wednesday, April 29, meeting. The proposed changes include an exception provision regarding the stipulation that for each dwelling, a property owner must have a minimum of two and one-half acres available to repair or replace an existing septic system if there is a well also located on the property.

The matter was first brought up by Morgan County Commissioner Jon Becker, after his county experienced several conflicts with the regulations. Becker cited examples of old homesteads that have been parceled off where two houses may now reside on two and one-half acres or less. Becker asked the board back in February to consider rewording the current regulations to include a variance process that would bypass the two and one-half acreage requirement, but still adhere to state setback requirements for wells, ground water, soil types, property lines and buildings for the septic structures.

Despite verbal concerns from the state regarding the exception, board members unanimously approved the new wording and voted to send the new policy in its present form to the state health department for approval. The proposed changes cannot be approved without consent from the state health department.

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