Brush: Stormwater fees go up

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From The Fort Morgan Times:

An increase in storm water fees for residents of Brush was approved during Tuesday night’s meeting of the Brush City Council. The measure raises rates by three cents, from 10 to 13 cents a month per lineal foot of frontage on any property that has a curb and gutter installed. Corner lots will be charged only for the length of frontage from which the property takes its address. The increase goes into effect July 1, and is intended to offset costs the city will incur for the Downtown/Clayton Street storm water project. Studies done in 2005 led Brush to develop a storm water master plan that addressed five areas of hazardous flooding in the city. One of those, the Williams Street Loop area, has already been resolved. Though the three-cent increase is not the final solution in obtaining funds to fix all four remaining areas, the city council decided during a previous meeting that a six-cent increase so abruptly was not in the city’s best interest, and the small increase over time was preferred.

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