Greeley: New pipeline from LaPorte to Bellvue

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From the Fort Collins Coloradoan:

The Greeley City Council has given its water department authorization to seek a court order to gain access to three properties whose owners have not allowed work crews on to their land to conduct studies needed for the pipeline’s design. Fieldwork on the properties, such as land surveys, seismic testing and biological studies, is needed for engineers to determine the route of the pipeline across the properties and how to avoid damaging environmental and historic resources, said Jon Monson, director of Greeley’s water department. But some property owners say they don’t want the pipeline to cross their land and will continue to seek ways to block it. “We don’t want them to get a toehold,” said Rose Brinks, who has been battling the pipeline project for more than two years. “Once they get on here, there will be no stopping them.”[…]

Construction on more than half of the $80.5 million project is already complete.

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