Greeley: New pipeline from LaPorte to Bellvue

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Here’s a report about Greeley’s efforts to build a new supply pipeline near LaPorte, from Jakob Rodgers writing for the Greeley Tribune. From the article:

The city department may ask for a court order to gain access to three properties whose owners have long contested the 30-mile pipeline, which would run from a water filtration plant in Bellvue to the Gold Hill Reservoir. The court order would not be used to build the pipeline, but rather to survey the land to determine the pipeline’s seismic and environmental impact. Jon Monson, director of the water department, said the department could seek the order sometime this summer. The 60-inch pipeline could bring an additional 50 million gallons of water a day to Greeley, whose residents consume roughly 54 million gallons of water a day during peak use in the summer. Evans and parts of Milliken and Windsor also would use water from the pipeline. About 15 miles of the $80 million pipeline already has been built and is in use, Monson said. As it stands, the water department is nearly at its 58 million-gallon-a-day capacity to transport water when also taking into account the 38 million gallons it transports from Boyd Lake. The current pipeline from Bellvue can transport roughly 20 million gallons of water a day.

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