H.B. 09-1308, Funding for Div Of Water Resources

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From the Telluride Watch (K.C. Mason):

House Bill 1308 (pdf), introduced by Rep. Kathleen Curry, D-Gunnison, sets new ground rules for water produced from the development of coal bed methane gas wells. “It probably was one of the most important bills of the whole session because it really is a new section in Colorado water law,” [State Senator Jim Isgar] said. “We’ve been working on it for several months with the State Engineer’s office, the Water Congress, the oil and gas industry, and senior water rights holders.” The new law, presuming the bill is signed by Gov. Bill Ritter, creates a process for determining whether produced water has a beneficial use and whether shallow wells that are used in energy production are on tributaries that can cause injury to senior water users.

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