Energy policy — nuclear: Cotter update

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Here’s a recap of a recent meeting between the Colorado Department of Health and Environment and concerned citizens down in Cañon City regarding Cotter’s plans for the superfund site and reopening the mill there, from Rachel Alexander writing for the Cañon City Daily Record. From the article:

Officials from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the federal Environmental Protection Agency spoke to a crowd of 165 at Harrison School…

Edgar Ethington, of CDPHE, discussed the excavation of the old pond area, which is a source of ongoing contamination. Additional excavation was implemented in 2008 to remove enough contaminated soil to allow ground water to meet state standards. Ethington said he emphasized dust suppression and air monitoring throughout the excavation process. The company removed 5,400 cubic yards of radium-contaminated soil, 221,800 cubic yards of uranium and molybdenum contaminated soils and analyzed 6,095 soil samples. He said there were no air contamination violations and no lost-time accidents. “I think operationally, they did a good job,” he said. “The contaminated soil has been removed to levels specified. Our role is to look over (Cotter’s) shoulder and make sure they’re doing it correctly.”[…]

Some citizens were concerned that direct health concerns were not addressed during Monday’s meeting and requested an epidemiological study. “When do we start talking about the health risk,” said Gloria Stultz. “We haven’t talked about the diseases (caused by contamination).”

“We are always conscious of what the health issue is,” Tarlton said.

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