Energy policy — geothermal: Secretary Salazar is banging the renewable energy drum

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From the Associated Press via the New York Times:

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said the West has vast untapped potential for harnessing wind, the sun and geothermal energy to create electricity. But ”it doesn’t do any good to generate energy if you can’t get it to market,” Salazar said during the annual meeting of the Western Governors’ Association. That’s long been the concern of Western governors eager to develop renewable energy projects but frustrated by limitations in the transmission system and sluggish bureaucracies…

Salazar said four Western states — Arizona, California, Nevada and Wyoming — will get federal renewable energy planning offices to help make sure projects don’t get stalled.

More coverage of the Western Governors Association Annual Meeting from Mike Stark writing for the Denver Post. From the article:

Sunday’s main discussion, which included Canadian officials and experts from the Middle East and Australia, focused on managing water amid changing climate conditions…Peter Gleick, president of the Pacific Institute, an environmental think tank based in Oakland, Calif., was one of four panelists who spoke Sunday. He said there’s evidence of intensified water disputes, ecosystem collapse in some places and a population growth that’s driving a sometimes-fractured water management system.

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