Republican River Water Conservation District $49.1 million purchase of groundwater rights may close soon

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The RRWCD is trying to save a little groundwater pumping by buying up wells and pumping their output to the Nebraska border. Nebraska and Kansas so far haven’t agreed that the pipeline will make the river whole. Here’s a report from Tony Rayl writing for the Yuma Pioneer. From the article:

The groundwater, representing about 50 wells, will be used for the proposed compact compliance pipeline, if Colorado can get approval from Kansas and Nebraska through the Republican River Compact Administration (RRCA).

Meanwhile, State Engineer Dick Wolfe has stated the continuation of the Special RRCA Meeting that began in May has not been scheduled yet as the three states are continuing settlement negotiations in regards to Colorado’s proposed compact compliance pipeline. Wolfe, in an e-mail to the Pioneer, reported the hope is to set the date soon. However, he added Colorado did not want to set the continuation until the state knows it has a deal with Nebraska and Kansas, or that it is determined the states definitely are at an impasse. At that point, a final vote would be needed to initiate the arbitration process.

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