Runoff news: FIBArk events

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Here’s an update on streamflow in the Arkansas River for the annual FIBArk festival, from Christopher Kolomitz writing for The Mountain Mail. From the article:

Arkansas River flow is about 1,700 cubic feet per second at Salida and with warm weather forecast, runoff may approach 2,000 cfs in time for key FIBArk events. Dramatically higher water levels may lead to faster times in the downriver race or a wave that becomes more difficult in which to score points during freestyle kayak competitions. During the previous two years flow was about 2,800 cfs and 2,000 cfs during FIBArk event…

Because of early warm-up and snow melt, the river peaked May 23 at more than 2,700 cfs in Salida. Cooler weather arrived and river flow fell to about 1,600 cfs May 29. It rallied, reaching 2,300 cfs about June 4, but remains below the 100-year average of about 2,000 cfs since. Flow reached a spring low of about 1,400 cfs June 11-12 and has since been on gentle, steady rise. The rise may be attributed to factors including warmer high altitude weather and the Colorado Springs Utilities decision to move 190 cfs from Turquoise Reservoir to Pueblo Reservoir. Utilities officials said if warmer weather arrives today and Friday, they may increase the amount of water they move by 100 cfs.

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