FIBArk festival: Hooligan Race recap

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From The Pueblo Chieftain (Tom Purfield):

The Hooligan Race, which features any type non-boating craft that daredevils attempt to float through the Salida Whitewater Park, is one of the premier events of the festival that’s in its 61st year. It’s popularity was surely evident, as an estimated 10,000 people lined the banks of the Arkansas River and the F Street Bridge on Saturday to witness the carnage and comedy that the Hooligan offers. “It’s really cool. The whole day is a fun time. I can’t think of anything I would have rather done with my Saturday,” Scott Taylor said. “All your fellow boaters, everybody who’s down here is wonderful people. It’s a great, positive experience and it makes me glad to be alive.”[…]

Jackson Kayak sponsored the Foam Boat World Championships on Saturday, and J.P. Griffith took the title. Kids crafted their own mini boats and kayakers out of foam and floated them down a creek that led to the Arkansas. There were downriver, freestyle and best of show categories. “It feels cool, I guess,” Griffith said. “I formed my foamie after the Jackson kayak, so that did well. I just got really big air.”

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