Montezuma County: Goodman point residents approve new water district

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Some Colorado residents still have to haul water. Here’s a report on efforts to end the need down in Montezuma County from Kristen Plank writing for the Cortez Journal. From the article:

An election was held Tuesday at the Montezuma County Courthouse. Property owners and residents of the Goodman Point area voted whether or not to form their own district. People who live in the Goodman Point area have to haul water from a water filling station beside Cortez City Park and back home again, a distance that can reach 15 miles one way. Residents hope to have their own water system installed. Roughly 70 percent of the area’s residents showed up for the special election. Every single resident voted “yes” to forming their own water district, Goodman Point Water Association President J.R. Berry said. “It was fantastic,” he said. “It was the next big step for us. We’re 90 percent of the way there.”

Voters also elected the water district’s board of directors, which includes Berry, Rodney L. Evans, Wanda Shorelene Oliver, Linda Carter and Teri Chappell.

The total cost of the project is estimated to be $1.1 million, but approximately $300,000 of that has already been funded through grants, Berry said. The next step is to get a bond written and find a purchaser to fund the construction. The bond issue or mill levy, which will generate the rest of the construction money, will come up in front of the Goodman Point residents in the November election. Montezuma Water Co. is beginning to look into construction plans for the project. Plans include connecting 11 miles of water line, with hydrants, to Montezuma Water Co.’s 4-inch pipeline on the eastern portion of Goodman Point. A 50,000-gallon water storage tank and a pump station also would be installed. Water would be pumped to 35 residences, and the system could service up to 200 homes, but additional residences would have to go through a separate permitting process…

Should the process move along without any kinks, construction will begin in spring 2010, Berry said.

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