Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District tour recap, NISP rally

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Here’s a recap of a recent tour of the northern Front Range set up by the NCWCD, from Shari Phiel writing for the Berthoud Recorder. From the article:

While much of the water used in the northern Front Range areas originates along the western slope, the canals, reservoirs and pumping stations find along the eastern slope are critical to delivering our water. These facilities include Carter Lake, Horsetooth Reservoir, Flatiron Reservoir and the proposed Chimney Hollow and Glade Reservoir projects. “If you look at where the demands for water are in Colorado, both in terms of agriculture and in terms of municipal and industrial use, and you look at where the water’s located in Colorado, we’re just opposite of what we should be,” said Eric Wilkinson, general manager for the NCWCD.

Meanwhile, here’s a report from Tuesday’s rally for the Northern Integrated Supply Project, from Jamie Folsom writing for the Berthoud Recorder. From the article:

“Wouldn’t this have been a time to fill a reservoir?” asked former Colorado Agriculture Commissioner Don Ament, alluding to the overflowing creeks and ponds that dot the landscape. He and others noted the excess water will head downstream to surrounding states this year. They support storing the water to ensure it would be available for future, drier years.

More coverage from the Loveland Reporter Herald (Pamela Dickman):

The message, sown strongly by speaker after speaker Tuesday, was that the water project, which would be managed by Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District, is essential to the survival of agriculture — one of the main industries in the region. Without the reservoir to store water for growing cities and towns, that burden would fall onto water currently set aside for agriculture — and farm acres would dry up, hitting the economy and local food supply, according to area farmers and spokesmen for farm agencies.

More Coyote Gulch coverage here and here.

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