Woodland Park: Radium in supply cause for concern?

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From KRDO.com (Stephanie Wurtz):

People living at the Alpine Village Mobile Home Park in Woodland Park get their water from three wells. But state testing shows their water isn’t safe for anyone to drink. “We have to look toward cancer, bone cancer,” says one woman who lives in the park. Cancer is one risk listed in a letter from the Colorado Division of Water Resources, warning the family about their well water…

A representative from Alpine Village says he’s very aware of the problem and engineers are trying to determine how the radium is getting into the water. He says the issue should be resolved within 60 days. He says the water is safe to drink. A state enforcement order requires Alpine Village management to fix the water problem. But the woman NEWSCHANNEL 13 talked with isn’t going to wait and says her family is moving out in the fall. Torres says the liver will naturally flush the Combined Radium out of the system. He says the family needs to get regular blood tests, to make sure levels are returning to normal.

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