Aurora city council to decide fate of Columbine Ditch

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From The Denver Post (Carlos Illescas):

Developer Bobby Ginn had entered a contract with the Pueblo water board to purchase 1,337 acre-feet of water from the Columbine Ditch near Leadville. But Aurora has a right-of-first refusal, and the city is partnering with the Climax molybdenum mine to purchase the water for a total of $30.4 million, said Greg Baker, spokesman for Aurora Water. Climax will pay about a third of that…

Paul Fanning, spokesman for the Pueblo Board of Water Works, said he had not yet heard of Aurora’s intentions to purchase the water. He said that when Ginn signed a contract to purchase the water, Aurora had 60 days to match it. “I know Aurora has been working on it,” Fanning said. “But until that happens, we have an accepted approved contract with the Ginn organization.”

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