Durango: New stormwater regulations in the offing?

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From The Durango Herald (Shane Benjamin):

On Friday, the city held a public meeting at the Durango Community Recreation Center to discuss the proposed changes. About 45 people attended, including contractors and a representative from the Colorado Department of Public Health’s Water Quality Control Division, which is charged with monitoring water quality and control throughout the state. The Planning Department is expected to vote on the proposed changes at its regular meeting July 27. The proposed changes will then go to the City Council for consideration…

The proposed revisions to the city code help clarify the permitting process and largely reflect the state’s permitting standards, Holton said.

The most notable changes include:

•The implementation of a fine structure for violations. The city is proposing a $250 fine per violation, per site visit. That amount can be increased up to $1,000 for subsequent violations or noncompliance.

•As it is now, property owners are required to have a stormwater permit. But property owners are often ignorant of stormwater requirements or don’t live here and can’t monitor mitigation practices. So the city proposes allowing contractors to obtain the permits.

•As it is now, construction on lots a half-acre in size or larger requires a stormwater permit. The city proposes increasing the lot size to one acre.

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