Montezuma County: Water treatment plant expansion 90% complete

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From the Cortez Journal (Kristen Plank):

The project, which began roughly one year ago, is expanding the plant. Officials at MWC have employed their own workers to install a new pump station and add larger pumps. This upgrade will allow the facility to pump to the higher service areas, like Summit Ridge, said Mike Bauer, manager at MWC. “Our pumps are getting close to their capacity,” Bauer said, noting the capacity runs at 4 million gallons of water per day. “So what we are doing is getting larger pumps (for the plant). We’re also adding some new backwash pumps, which are used to clean the filters.” The cost for phase one has been approximately $1.4 million. No loans have been taken out to pay for the first part of the project, Bauer said…

Montezuma Water Co. provides rural water to three counties, including Montezuma, Dolores and parts of San Miguel. The water treatment plant provides a relatively unique way of filtering water. Microsand is injected into the system, which then rapidly cleans out the “heavy organics,” Bauer said. This process, which extends the life of the water treatment filters, is becoming more and more popular at other water treatment facilities.

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