Southern Delivery System: Springs city council approves Pueblo County route

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From the Cañon City Daily Record (Debbie Bell):

Fremont County District 1 Commissioner Mike Stiehl, who studies water issues in Colorado, was reached Thursday morning at a water workshop in Crested Butte. He said the decision was not a surprise. “I still think there are a bunch of positive things that have come from this [Fremont County permit for SDS],” Stiehl said, “no matter how it turns out. The benefits to our economy were primarily potential employment, but that is still there no matter where they come out. Pueblo is pretty darned close, and people can commute.” Stiehl said Fremont County already has accounted for about $15,000 of the $50,000 deposit from CSU, not including commissioners’ time spent on the project. Unused funds will be returned to the utility. “We have accounted for time, effort, paper, telephones and staff time down to one-tenth of an hour,” Stiehl said.

Both Stiehl and Fredell said CSU had forged strong relationships with Beaver Park Water and the Penrose Water District. Both agencies worked with the utility company to create agreements to partner to obtain or move water through the SDS pipeline, if it was built in Fremont County.

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