Southern Delivery System: 1041 lawsuit tab $420,000 for Colorado Springs Utilities and $440,000 for Pueblo County

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From The Pueblo Chieftain (Chris Woodka):

Each side will pay its own costs in the lawsuit, which was settled by an agreement this week. The suit was dismissed Tuesday in Pueblo District Court and both sides have asked the Colorado Court of Appeals to remand an appeal of District Judge Dennis Maes’ 2007 decision in the case. Colorado Springs released the figure for its costs on Thursday, while Pueblo provided numbers Wednesday…

Colorado Springs filed the lawsuit in El Paso County District Court in 2005, claiming SDS should be exempt from 1041 regulation. The case was heard in Pueblo District Court in 2007 after the Colorado Supreme Court ruled it was the proper venue…

As part of the agreement, Colorado Springs no longer will contest Pueblo County authority over the project.

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