Colorado Water Congress summer conference

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Here’s a recap of day one of the Colorado Water Congress’ summer session, from Zach Fridell writing for the Steamboat Pilot & Today. From the article:

The annual water conference, held once every two years in Steamboat Springs, is hosting more than 200 attendees and a few Colorado legislators for an event titled “A Change in the Financial Climate.”[…]

Doug Kemper, executive director of the Colorado Water Congress, said legislators help the organization form a two-way street, with legislators learning about water policy as they help craft laws, and the Water Congress discussing their views and conservation efforts with legislators. “You can just about hold a session of the legislature” with all the attendees, Kemper said. Kemper said that by talking about water issues with the legislators, the group also can tackle the budgetary concerns. “The budget issue drove us all last session, and it’s going to be with us for quite a bit ahead,” he said. The very first issue on the agenda Wednesday was a state budget forum, hosted by the Water Congress’ budget committee.

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