Hartland Dam project to enable fish passage

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From the Delta County Independent:

Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) is funding the majority of the concept design phase with some financial support from Delta County. The project leader, Painted Sky Resource & Conservation Development Council, has hired Tetra Tech, an international engineering firm with an office in Breckenridge, to complete the preliminary design and cost estimate. U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) will fund the final design phase. Construction is scheduled for early fall of 2009. At that time, Painted Sky will solicit bids from design and construction companies…

Modifying the dam structure has three objectives that will benefit fish, Hartland Dam Company, boaters and private landowners.

First, the dam has blocked the flannelmouth sucker, the bluehead sucker and the round tail chub from habitat upstream of the dam since it was installed. A fish passage in the new design will reconnect populations of fish above and below the dam, increasing their available habitat. Although not endangered, these three fish are species of concern to USFWS, making this the top priority for Region 6 of the USFWS.

Second, all modifications must allow Hartland Ditch Company to access its full water decree.

The third objective of the project benefits recreational boaters and private landowners on the riverfront near the dam. After the project completion in the spring of 2010, boaters crossing the dam will be safer and less tempted to trespass by portaging around the dam.

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