Victor City Council hires temporary wastewater plant operator

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From the Pikes Peak Courier Gazette (Norma Engelberg):

At its first October meeting, Victor City Council hired Joseph M. Groves as interim wastewater plant operator. On Sept. 24, council fired the previous operator, leaving the city without a licensed operator in violation of state statute. Mayor Serena Bielz said the city received a letter from the state to that effect and council had until Oct. 8 to hire someone with a license to operate the plant or begin paying fees. When asked how the state knew the city had no licensed operator, she said it was the duty of the mayor to inform the state when there were changes in the water and wastewater plant operations. Groves was hired officially at the meeting but is to be paid $250 a week retroactive to Sept. 25. Now that an interim operator has been hired, the city will begin advertising the position.

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